1) We take pride in our Craft. hand-craft and Hand-finished in Indonesia.

Suar Wood Indonesia opened its doors to customers in 2012. Ever since then, we have been the proud seller of some of the most exquisite Solid Wood Slab Dining Tables in Indoensia. Our furniture is carefully craft and finished locally by the deft hands of our master carpenters to ensure top-notch quality in every inch of our product.

2) Customization. We want you to have control over how your furniture looks.

Adding on to the unique-ness of your dining table, we also provide you the most unique combination that you have always desired – A celebration of wooden slab table top with custom fabricated metal legs. Adding on to that, we allow for customization of the length and height of your table too.

3) Properly dried!

If your table does not show signs of cracking within the year, it will not crack during its lifetime as it has been properly dried! As your wood slab table is a living object, it has a tendency to “move” according to the conditions of its surroundings. This movement will be an ongoing process until it has fully acclimatised with its surrounding, thereby ceasing its movement.

4) Highest quality at the most competitive pricing. No Middleman.

We control every single aspect of producing our furniture, ensuring that price is kept at a minimum and quality is kept at the optimum. Right from the point when we hand pick each piece at its source, to lacquering it right here in Indonesia, to the safe delivery of your piece at your home. That is how we maintain our low prices, by cutting out the middlemen.

5) Beauty is not left to chance.

Every single piece of our wood slabs is hand picked by us.

6) We only use specially water-based lacquer for all our pieces.

Non-toxic. We care for our own health, as well as you and your family’s.