Suar Wood Furniture Manufacture

Suar Wood Samanea Saman, Albizia Saman and Monkeypod Furniture Manufacture

Our central goal at Suarwood Indonesia is a simple, as basic as the normal woods we use to make our furniture outlines: Salvage wood and allows trees another opportunity at life. We use what others have disposed of or maintained a strategic distance from through and through because of the size. We process excellent trees without squandering a solitary piece to enliven exquisite items for you. Tables to assemble around with the family, seats to sit upon, and unique and one of a kind manifestations that will look awe inspiring in your beautiful home or office space as well. Since we have specialised equipment, we’re ready to make great of the trees and we are dependably vigilant for new trees that we can utilize, change up our stock and style lines. Come in and see us to see our examples and see the assortment of types of wood we convey. Our curating and wood making aptitudes are what separates us from other wood suppliers out there. We immovably stand behind our quality and offer immaculate client administration to help create your own extraordinary pieces. It would be ideal if you let us know whether there is something specifically that you’re searching for and we can breath life into it.

Our Process

Stage 1 Choosing Round and Regular Log for its Shape and Cut into Wood Slabs

Stage 2 Kiln Dry for minimal for 30 Days to Reduce Moisture Content and Kill Insect at up to 100 °C

Stage 3 Check to guarantee Moisture Level is beneath 15-25% for Furniture Use

Stage 4 Suarwood Indonesia screen all Wood Slabs and Handpicked Non-Crack wood with negligible blemishes after Kiln Dry

Stage 5 Arranging of Wood Slab for Leveling, Flattening and Grains

Stage 6 Sanding with 3 distinct Grids of Sandpaper for Natural Smooth Finished