Mahogany Live Edge Slabs Indonesia Exporter & Manufacture

mahogany live edge slabs furniture manufacture

Mahogany Slabs Furniture Manufacture

We are a Indonesia solid wood furniture Exporter and manufacturer who source for the best Mahogany Wood for your home and office furniture. Our carpentry workshop and warehouse are based in Jepara, Indonesia. Talk to us about your requirements and we shall customise your bespoke scandinavian mahogany live edge  dining table or counter table top direct from our factory with no middleman.

Suar wood is strong. But mahogany wood is also strong. This wood is also suitable for furniture.

Speaking of wood-based furniture, many people are oriented to teak wood. It is not wrong if there is a view like this. Judging from its strength, durability, and beauty, its quality is undeniable. However, teak is increasingly expensive and rare.

There is an alternative wood that can be used to replace teak, which is mahogany. Its strength is not inferior to teak, but in terms of cheaper prices. More availability than teak.

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