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Teak Wood VS Suar Wood, Who is Better ?

suar wood tree mongkeypod tree

Teak Wood VS Suar Wood, Who is Better ? A standout amongst the most prevalent among all the excellent wood, teak wood is known all inclusive for its rich brilliant shading and its protection from decaying. Be that as it may, very few individuals nowadays can bear the cost of teak wood furniture which is […]

Suar Wood Dining Table Indonesian Manufacture

suar wood dining table square

Handcrafted in Indonesia from one piece of solid wood Suar. This impressive wooden dining table will certainly have an impact and add character to your dining room. This chunky flare table shows the incredible details of Live Edge and will surely make your guests amazed. Suar Wood Dining Table Indonesian Manufacture Suar wood Dining Table is […]

Mahogany Live Edge Slabs Indonesia Exporter & Manufacture

mahogany live edge slabs furniture manufacture

Mahogany Slabs Furniture Manufacture We are a Indonesia solid wood furniture Exporter and manufacturer who source for the best Mahogany Wood for your home and office furniture. Our carpentry workshop and warehouse are based in Jepara, Indonesia. Talk to us about your requirements and we shall customise your bespoke scandinavian mahogany live edge  dining table […]

Mahogany Slabs VS Suar Wood Slabs

mahogany wood slabs vs suar wood slabs

Looking for Mahogany Wood Slabs? yes we are furniture exporter of mahogany wood slabs. Our mahogany slabs have the best quality in this industries. We have dry our mahogany slabs below 15%. Mahogay Wood is have cleaner grain, more beautiful than suar wood and more bright but double in prices than suar wood. Mahogany Wood […]

The Family of Suar Wood, Samanea Saman, Albizia Saman and Monkeypod

suar wood tree mongkeypod tree

Suar Wood, Albizia Saman, Samanea Saman and Monkeypod, are a large, tall tree plant with a very wide canopy. This plant was once popular as a shade plant. This tree has several nicknames such as Saman, Rain Tree and Monkey Pod, and is placed in the genus Albizia. Its very extensive roots make it less […]

Type of Wood Finishes

Wood Finishings are produced using fundamental materials and anybody with a distinct fascination can without much of a stretch adjust to the strategies associated with their application. Understanding wood completes is not any more convoluted than transferring a fluid complete or paint from a can to the wood surface. Decision of wood complete requires watchful […]

What is Suar Wood or Monkeypod Wood

suar wood tree mongkeypod tree

Suar Wood, Albizia Saman, Samanea Saman, Rain Tree and Monkeypod. Suar wood or more commonly Albizia Saman referred to as wood is wood from the genus Albizia. This wood has a wide distribution in tropical regions such as Indonesia. What’s interesting about Suar Wood is its high availability. In nature, we are quite easy to […]

Tips For Choosing The Best Quality Wood For Your Next Project

best quality suar wood slabs

When we discuss furniture, as a general rule, the main thing that rings a bell is wood. Regardless of whether you are developing a little puppy house or a sizable garden tent, picking the best quality wood is exceptionally basic for acquiring extraordinary outcomes. A stunning assortment of wood exists and the duty of picking […]