Mahogany Slabs VS Suar Wood Slabs

mahogany wood slabs vs suar wood slabs

Looking for Mahogany Wood Slabs? yes we are furniture exporter of mahogany wood slabs. Our mahogany slabs have the best quality in this industries. We have dry our mahogany slabs below 15%.

Mahogay Wood is have cleaner grain, more beautiful than suar wood and more bright but double in prices than suar wood.

Mahogany Wood Slabs is The Suar Wood Slabs Upgrade

If you looking for the best upgrade from suar wood than mahogany wood is the best choice of course the best quality is use hte king of wood – teak wood.

Mahogany Characteristics

mahogany live edge slabs indonesia
mahogany live edge slabs indonesia

Mahogany trees come from the West Indies and Africa. It thrives on sandy areas with brackish water conditions and is close to the beach. For this type, mahogany trees are grouped into two, small-leaved mahogany (swietenia mahagoni jacg) and large-leaved mahogany (swietenia macrophylla king). Both are included in the meliaceae family).

Mahogany tree height can reach 30 m, even more. at the age of 10-12 years, this tree is ready to be cut down and used as a commodity for wood furniture. In the market, the most widely used type of mahogany wood is large leafy ones.

Is it suitable for furniture?

mahogany flower
mahogany flower

Not all wood is suitable for interior furniture. There are conditions that must be fulfilled so that furniture made from wood materials perform optimally. Good wood conditions used for furniture materials are having smooth and dense fibers, not many wooden eyes, not easily cracked, and little shrinkage and this is owned by mahogany.

Unlike teak which has good fiber, mahogany wood tends to be plain. In the past, this was considered a shortage. Now, many industries consider the lack of fiber plus the lack of wooden eyes as an advantage of mahogany. This condition makes wood appear lighter and not heavy. Whether using finishing or not finishing, it doesn’t matter. In fact, this wood is considered very flexible and suitable for making various style furniture without any limitations

mahogany log
mahogany log

Mahogany Wood Specifications

  • Characteristics Having a smooth and dense fiber, not many woody eyes, not easily cracked
  • High Features can reach 30 m in diameter up to 2 m
  • Reddish brown color
  • Texture / motif A little texture / motif, even tend to be plain
  • Strong wood durability and suitable to be applied in all types of furniture
  • Shrinking Value The value of its shrinkage is small to infrequently the surface is wrinkled
  • Tips for Choosing Wooden Furniture

Wood-based interior furniture on the market is unlimited. What things need to be considered in choosing good wood interior furniture?

  1. Each type of wood has a certain quality. Make sure the wood furniture you buy is exactly what you want
  2. Wood materials do not have defects or cut marks from branches that can reduce the quality and beauty of furniture.
  3. Wood in smooth condition, not porous, or moldy
  4. Choose a manufacturer that has a license and good quality

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