What is Suar Wood or Monkeypod Wood

suar wood tree mongkeypod tree

Suar Wood, Albizia Saman, Samanea Saman, Rain Tree and Monkeypod. Suar wood or more commonly Albizia Saman referred to as wood is wood from the genus Albizia. This wood has a wide distribution in tropical regions such as Indonesia.

What’s interesting about Suar Wood is its high availability. In nature, we are quite easy to find large Suar Wood. Such conditions make it widely used in woodworking or wood processing industries. Especially at this time when the teak that was favored was pegged to a price that was soaring. The availability of teak is very small compared to the huge demand.

Characteristics of Suar Wood


As mentioned above, the growth rate of Suar Wood is high. This wood can be large in a relatively faster time than other types of wood such as mahogany. From this nature, we can obtain wood with a diameter of up to 1.5 meters. Very interesting isn’t it?

From the environmental aspect, planting Suar Wood can also be a solution to help overcome the problem of air pollution. While waiting for Suar Wood to be ready to be cut down, this tree will absorb many pollutants whose effects are good for nature.

Lack of Suar Wood

There are some shortcomings of flare wood. Two of these deficiencies are the level of durability and strength. Suar Wood is included in the durable IV class. This means that the wood is very susceptible to attack by pests such as fungi, termites, and powder lice. Whereas from the aspect of strength, this wood is included in the strong class III. So it is advisable not to use this material to the requirements provided that high load resistance.

Eventually Suar Wood offers positive and negative points when we use it. The most appropriate attitude is to maximize positive points or excess wood Suar Wood while suppressing its deficiencies. For example, because this wood is less durable, then before it is processed into furniture it is better to apply preservation treatment. Apply quality preservatives like BioCide. With this simple but effective way, furniture from Suar Wood can be as teak.

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